Cake & Cookies: The Robb & Katie Show

Another delightful beer-fueled romp with fighting kids, a significant departure, some odd traits from Linus, Honor Roll fun and the reminder:  “Leaves of three… let them be.”

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Episode three has wet pants, drunk dialing dogs, social networking confusion, JB Fletcher and talk of "The Supper Club".  It’s what you need.  Please… enjoy!

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Spouses Dan and Cary stop by this week as Robb & Katie discuss dogs in bed, dogs and doors, bathroom redecoration, fat jokes, bow-ties and… a bold medical experiment.

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The debut of Cake & Cookies… because EVERYBODY gets a podcast!  This week: we get to know Katie, get a tour of the “studio”, find out about what’s troubling Robb… and explain why Elvis had a stroke. Enjoy!

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