Cake & Cookies: The Robb & Katie Show

This episode is so oversized, it will probably get sleep apnea. Check out a bold medical experiment, a pitiful Robb, a (still) klutzy Katie and your letters.  PLUS A CONTEST!!! Listen and win. Thanks, cousins!

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This week features Crispy Katie and Happy Robb.  Pull up a chair and enjoy 80+ minutes of hot topics like radio jingles, breathing troubles, inter-galactic gifts and Robb’s fascinating liquor cabinet.  Plus, we reveal the word that Katie will NOT say.  Dig on the dozen, cousin… and thanks for listening!

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This week, we take a look behind the scenes of Robb’s sleep study.  Plus, a bad week for the dogs, Robb’s memory fails him in the worst way, Katie gets drunk with Led Zeppelin (kinda) and Dan catches a nap. Big fun!  Big Thrills! (Big Deal) Thanks for stopping by.

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80+ minutes of delightful time filler!  Join Robb and Katie for the champagne apology, neighborhood awkwardness, tales of inebriation, ticket scarcity, disorderly sleep and falling down… twice.  Oh, and rabbits in literature.  Set a spell... and enjoy.

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Our longest episode to date!  Please enjoy this super-sized C & C presentation as both Robb and Katie (but mostly Katie) hit the grape pretty hard and discuss GREASE, The Supper Club, sleep disorders, needy in-laws, Wayne Newton, embarrassment and the mathematical theory behind the M&M game.  Oh yes, and biting.  Face it… there ARE worse ways to spend 87 minutes.  See you next week!

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