Cake & Cookies: The Robb & Katie Show

Does length count?  We hope so, because here is a Super-sized C&C for your audio pleasure. Enjoy “Spouses Galore!” as Dan and Cary stop by (Julia has a cameo as well)… plus, LARPing, Grease, Bacon Bowls and the actual sounds of marital discord.  If the awkwardness doesn’t bother you, you’re in for a real treat.  Aloha.

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Katie loves LOVE!  So, please enjoy:  a thrilling recap of the wedding… Katie after 3 beers… The Summer Club (?)… Cary’s lie (and her keys)... and a quick trip to the moonshine station.  Throw in just a taste of kleptomania, and that, my friends, is a show.  Play it LOUD!!!

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It’s Wedding Season! (?)  So, we discuss underthings and spray tans.  Plus, a CPAP Update, Judd swings by, a new game is revealed, a old game is discussed and the BEST HATEFUL THOUGHT EVER.  It’s our longest episode to date (with no extra charge to you).  Such value!

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A Labor Day Special as Robb delves into his personal archives and shares some Jerry Lewis Telethon goodness as only he could (or would). If you miss spending 20+ hours of your Labor Day weekend with The Love Network, you are in for a treat. HEY LAAAAAAAADY! Robb and Katie return next week; see you then.

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