Cake & Cookies: The Robb & Katie Show

Just a wee bit of the ol’ Robb and Katie to tide you over until next week… you see, Katie had her jaw surgery this week so she was unable to do a full show.  However, when Robb found out she was heavily medicated, he wasn’t going to miss out on THAT opportunity.  So, enjoy a cloudy-headed Katie, a singing Robb, a Cary cameo… and it all got recorded before Dan took Katie’s phone away (again).  Not an official episode this week… just a friendly bonus. Enjoy… and see you next week!

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We missed you guys last week!  An episode rooted in royalty, as Robb hangs with a king and Katie gets a new throne (pictured).  Also:  a jaw update, traveling with Cary, woodpeckers, poop and pretzels.  HUZZAH!!!

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Quite possibly, our crankiest episode to date.  We discuss car sales, refrigerators, snot, the return of Judy Toolia and Katie makes an announcement.  Plus… will Robb live long enough to spend Christmas with his family… in his own home?  We’ll discuss all of this (and more) if you just take the time to listen… and may God bless. 

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A genuine fun one this week with promo talk, Bond analysis, new bathroom paraphanalia, gift corner and a quick visit from Judd.  Plus, Robb is OLD.  See you soon… and remember, it’s not goodbye… just good night.

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