Cake & Cookies: The Robb & Katie Show

It’s the first annual “Cake & Cookies” Christmas special!  We open a bottle of wine, the jukebox provides the soundtrack and we talk all things Christmas… some happy, some not… but all genuine.  “YULE” love it!  Thanks for a great year, folks.  Garry Krimble and here’s to a great 2015!

PS:  Dan hates soup.

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Welcome, friends… come in and hear about the miracle of the juice cleanse! Plus, real estate fun, your letters, awkward moments… and you will NOT believe what’s in Katie’s yard. Then, enjoy the heartwarming fun as we take a family tour of the Spewak Christmas tree. It’s a ho-ho-holiday fun-tacular! (By the way, it is NOT Tuesday.)

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Back in the groove with an episode that tends to be everywhere all at one. Katie is overwrought… jukebox discussions… Playboy laser discs… free furniture... and sneezes that you have to hear to believe. Buckle in folks because we’re going on an audio ride! Oh, and “Cool Ranch.”

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