Cake & Cookies: The Robb & Katie Show

Hey, it’s been a while… remember us?  Yes, Robb and Katie are back with talk of Crazy Dogs, Independent Dogs, Medical Recaps, Christmas Specials… and Naked Katie.  Please Enjoy!

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Getting inside the head of Mac the intern... plus: bacon hatred, Thanksgiving recaps, Oscar VS. the law, Robb's cure for his back and a bonus Oscarazzi.

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Some belated Hallowe’en fun for all you boys and ghouls… with Work-wives… Doppel MaliBOO tales… Doggie Discipline… Toilet Talk… and Tricks and/or Treats.
I said “Doctor!”… Enjoy the sho
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The C & C Podcast Factory returns with Hallowe’en talk… white trash… Birds… Ears… Butts on Fire… and “Stars on 45”.  Don’t forget your hot pink spray paint.  Enjoy!

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Robb is TIRED.  Plus: Fall TV, The Pope is in town, teeth-talk… and lizards are thrown.  It takes a lot to get them right… when you’re learning the Facts of Life.  Enjoy!

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The Skype is nearly as bad as a migraine or being without water… but the show soldiers on with tales of pink eye, squatting, lizards, rats, Darlene, guns... and the crispiest bacon EVER.  Please enjoy!  Thank you… so much.

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Robb is sad…No Telethon.  Robb is happy:  New Jingles!  Katie vs. the lamp, the ladder, and the picture.  Plus, High School embarrassment, giraffes, dogs, crab cakes… and will Robb sleep in his tuxedo?  All of this and more… so listen.  And listen LOUD.

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It’s the “Back to School” Cake and Cookies Spectacular! Everyone is tired (thanks to dinner clubbing, guest-hostery and Wednesday night drinking). Plus, expensive chickens… gifts… Jibril in the hizzouse… AND A PARTY! All the Jane-iacs are gonna love this episode… now, with extra Baking Soda.

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A super-sized travelogue as Robb and Katie recap the madcap antics of the Spewaks visiting the von Herrmanns.  Plus: Hearses, Taffy, Rainy Bacon, SOTB, GF, Euphemisms and Coaster Olympics… IN THE HOUSE!

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The Barber just doesn’t understand.  Plus, Katie is like a (pissed-off) kid in a candy store, an amazing letter, a backyard cemetery... and we play some jingles, Cousin.  Oh, and remember: "the Tater Tot Casserole knows no season”...

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HATS! HATS! HATS! Plus, Katie is jealous, Robb vs his family/Caramel/Amazon, the story of ZANY, young Kurt Russell, and Countess Chocula. You’ll like it better than the marshmallows.

(NOTE: In this episode, Robb mistakenly refers to "Medfield College” as "Midvale College”. Management regrets the error.)

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Back on your internet with a moment of remembrance, toilets and refrigerators, mystery styrofoam, wasps, ailments and hangovers.  Hoo hah… such much!  Enjoy... thank you so much.

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It’s Robb vs. the Chair, Katie vs. the Popsicles, a brand new mic and the crises continue.  So, grab your crochet hook and listen up… before your cherry Ativan melts.

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A totally gear episode for all of our fab listeners.  This week, Robb and Katie count down (and discuss) their all-time, Top 10 Beatles records… and Katie cheats.  Plus:  Weighing Wine, Silent Thunder, The Jaw, The House, The Pickers and Mockolate.  Don’t forget:  GET CHEESE!

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Tony Dow is ALIVE!  Plus: Bunnies… Skype… Steve… Scooby… Stereophonic Effects (in mono)… The Return of Julia the Killer… Visiting the DMV… and Robb Sings.  Thank you for making it really worthwhile.

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Katie is on pain pills, so let the fun begin.  This week: a LANCELOT LINK rebuttal, a Pupdate, Julia’s assembly line, Robb’s crisis, music where you least expect it, drinking spots… and we might even go to the party.  Let’s begin, shall we?

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A true call-back to the early episodes of the C & C Podcast factory as we drink a LOT of wine, Cary and Dan stop by and we touch on the following topics: Echo, Voices, A Friend for III, Hot Dogs, Falling Dogs, Snooting Dogs, Catching Dogs, Hot Neighbors, Communication, Coffee, Friends, Haircuts, Vanity, Hee Haw, Bent Mirrors, Brad… and Lancelot Link. Thanks in advance if you make it through the whole show.

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With the exit of the Pneumonia… Enter Robb and Katie!  Enjoy the bi-state fun of douchery, secret tunnels, Robert, Judd and the significance of the Drive-in.  Plus, the “Best Music” scandal.  FACE!

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Here’s a full-sized episode, folks… join Robb and Katie as they go WAY DEEP inside the Stevie Wonder concert that they attended.  Stand by for in-depth analysis and a few musical gems.  Plus: Porky Pig, Dan’s beliefs, a sweet letter, Sleeping Beauty, Julia in studio and just a dash of Dees.  Dig on the musical nerdiness and have a great week!

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Hello, friends… and a special hello to Lizz Cardoza. Katie’s new Savannah audio rig is up and cookin’… so we talk a moment to talk about her new studio setting, mystery beers, shaking dogs, Dan’s drunken stroll and a story from a trip to Target that you have to hear to believe. Cake & Cookies is on the air and all is right with the world. See you next week!

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Back, with our first Springtime show.  Katie gets a present, empties her purse for your pleasure, Judd on the high seas, the mysterious (and daunting!) letter, Robb actually does something and EVERYBODY stops by the show.  Glad you stopped by, too.  Enjoy... and talk to you soon.

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Another bold Skype experiment (sorry!), but the show is content rich!  Katie from outer-space, Judd writes a love-letter, the best palm trees, pharmacy troubles, your questions… and college stories that Robb has never told that will leave you in disbelief.  Ignore the fidelity and have a blast!  Kisses!

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Katie is on location in Georgia… but we STILL have a show for you (even if it IS on Skype!).  We have mystery noises, annoying Robb, Katie under a blanket…also: squirts, flirts and dog alerts.  Back next week with our regular fidelity… until then, watch out for the ghost!

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It’s time to hit the road with Robb and Katie!  We’ve got singing dogs, panicked dogs, falling dogs, traveling humans and smoke detectors that detect non-smoke.  Please enjoy and don’t get stuck.  For goodness sake… do the hippy-hippy-shake.

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The Cake and the Cookie are back for 2015!  Today, a remote from a different studio with such hard-hitting topicality as packs of sissy dogs, binge TV viewing, bathrooms, traveling, surfboards and your questions… and Pony is in studio, too.  Get ready for FUN!

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