Cake & Cookies: The Robb & Katie Show

It’s Robb vs. the Chair, Katie vs. the Popsicles, a brand new mic and the crises continue.  So, grab your crochet hook and listen up… before your cherry Ativan melts.

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A totally gear episode for all of our fab listeners.  This week, Robb and Katie count down (and discuss) their all-time, Top 10 Beatles records… and Katie cheats.  Plus:  Weighing Wine, Silent Thunder, The Jaw, The House, The Pickers and Mockolate.  Don’t forget:  GET CHEESE!

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Tony Dow is ALIVE!  Plus: Bunnies… Skype… Steve… Scooby… Stereophonic Effects (in mono)… The Return of Julia the Killer… Visiting the DMV… and Robb Sings.  Thank you for making it really worthwhile.

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Katie is on pain pills, so let the fun begin.  This week: a LANCELOT LINK rebuttal, a Pupdate, Julia’s assembly line, Robb’s crisis, music where you least expect it, drinking spots… and we might even go to the party.  Let’s begin, shall we?

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