Cake & Cookies: The Robb & Katie Show

Robb is TIRED.  Plus: Fall TV, The Pope is in town, teeth-talk… and lizards are thrown.  It takes a lot to get them right… when you’re learning the Facts of Life.  Enjoy!

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The Skype is nearly as bad as a migraine or being without water… but the show soldiers on with tales of pink eye, squatting, lizards, rats, Darlene, guns... and the crispiest bacon EVER.  Please enjoy!  Thank you… so much.

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Robb is sad…No Telethon.  Robb is happy:  New Jingles!  Katie vs. the lamp, the ladder, and the picture.  Plus, High School embarrassment, giraffes, dogs, crab cakes… and will Robb sleep in his tuxedo?  All of this and more… so listen.  And listen LOUD.

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