Cake & Cookies: The Robb & Katie Show

Back, after an ever-so brief hiatus. The stories flow like booze (and vice versa) as the C and C Podcast Factory returns to your hungry ears. We explain our absence, talk Vega$, and get into some crazy turkey-related minutiae. Enjoy! See you in 5 months. KIDDING… Hello, Listeners!

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This week? Part two of Robb’s Showbiz “CRASHING” recap. Plus: a live, on-air injury… Robert III stops by… the world’s most bizarre shopping spree… and we head on over to a party. Super-sized fun for everyone!

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C & C returns to your ears with talk of Garfield, Pluralized Pants, Doggie Discipline… and Robb’s big-time showbiz trip to NYC (part 1).  Enjoy!

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Linus needs to go out… and a weird Spewak habit?  Plus, Day-Drinking, Food Thieves, Robert Wagner… and “A Tale of Two Kitties”. 

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Summertime, and the living is easy.  Comcast issues… Dog crowding… Grandma camp… “The Jester”… The Aunt Bet story… Robb buys a watermelon… and Unicorns:  Why buy, when you can rent?

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We celebrate our “Century Episode’ (actually we don’t) with, quite possibly, our goofiest outing ever.  Dan stops by multiple times, we discuss how we cuss, Robb divulges his radio past, genders are assigned… and we prove once and for all, Robb and Katie share one brain.  Crap!

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Back again with these HOT late-breaking news items: Katie is selfish! Big Strawberries! Dan and the Girl he left behind! Plus, your questions and no cigarette hangover. LA LA LA. Enjoy.

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A very silly episode that features a tale of three refrigerators… a surprise cameo from a beloved family member… the DOORS story… and horn synchronization issues. Enjoy, and have a great Memorial Day.

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Guess who’s back? Remember us? The C & C Podcast Factory returns (because Katie’s Doctor said we could). Today, we get a full Katie Jaw update, discuss social media preferences, Messy Dogs, and Christmas Creepiness. Plus, your questions! Does Robb sing? Maybe… and it’s great to be back.

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It’s almost JAW TIME! Plus… Robb has to come to terms with an age-related crisis, Katie’s floppy haircut… and salt water has a really… unexpected? ...effect on some people.

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Two Words: Muscle Relaxer. But Wait… There’s More: Robb’s Weird Road Trip, Bells, Horns, Accents, The New C & C C C, and Bedroom Ground Rules. Enjoy…?

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We are back for the New Year with an analysis of the Savannah “Blizzard”, Horn Talk, Vicious Birds, Swim Trunks, Katie’s Jaw and Sexy Vacation Fun. See you at The Expo Center!

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