Cake & Cookies: The Robb & Katie Show

I hope you’re thirsty… on this episode, we break down some tasty Savannah beverages.  Plus: Stupid dog owners, your questions, and Dan’s pepperminty past.  Play it loud… it makes it funnier.

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Yes, we are back (!) with a super-sized show that smells like drinking... hoo boy!  This episode:  Katie is the MVP… We talk retirement… Birthday travel… Gin… Cameos… Playing it “cool”… and an unboxing video (?) for Elvis Death Day that will fascinate you.  Enjoy, please.

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We’re back with a rare Mothers Day appearance that features vehicular thrills, matrimonial bliss, drunken deposits… and mysterious socks.  Have fun and enjoy!

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Yes, we are back. Amazingly... Robb is alive, Dan has his best show ever, Betsy makes the scene… and the BEST.  PRANK. EVER. Buckle Up, Buttercup and play it loud. It just might be funny.

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Look Who’s Back!  It’s us… YAY US!  It’s either our best episode or our worst (maybe both)… Skype sucks, you see.  In any case, here’s a heaping helping of the good ol’ C and C… for you.  We talk Facial Hair, Beans, Paul, Cartoons… and Robb’s Conception.  Drive right in and play it LOUD.

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