Cake & Cookies: The Robb & Katie Show (Comedy)

Well, it's been a while since we've gotten together, but the time is NOW.  Sit down for a super-sized episode with a detailed Katie update (enquiring minds want to know), a big chair, the tale of a corn-hole related injury, the nasty temper of James Taylor, and life at Podvill Media.  Oh, and Robb sings... but please listen anyway.  Great to see you, Krumbbs!  We missed you.

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It’s a 72 minute Odyssey of the (feeble) Mind with a cranky Robb, a once-bitten (but not shy) Katie… Enjoy one-way doors, mental fist pumps, a grand Elvis gesture and a malfunctioning car.  All of this and so much more on this week’s "Cake & Cookies".

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The C & C Podcast Factory is at it again with a Katie bombshell (shocking!), dinner discussion, stinky soap, the left side of the bed, bad (BAD!) music and the horror of an abandoned amusement park. This episode is more than pleasant… it’s agreeable!

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79 minutes of pure fun as the C & C Podcast Factory talks about pills, glass eyes and the bag of liquor.  Plus: Julia stops by, Wayde checks in and we get the low-down on Katie’s shark… uh, I mean jaw. Enjoy!

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Another delightful beer-fueled romp with fighting kids, a significant departure, some odd traits from Linus, Honor Roll fun and the reminder:  “Leaves of three… let them be.”

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Episode three has wet pants, drunk dialing dogs, social networking confusion, JB Fletcher and talk of "The Supper Club".  It’s what you need.  Please… enjoy!

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Spouses Dan and Cary stop by this week as Robb & Katie discuss dogs in bed, dogs and doors, bathroom redecoration, fat jokes, bow-ties and… a bold medical experiment.

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The debut of Cake & Cookies… because EVERYBODY gets a podcast!  This week: we get to know Katie, get a tour of the “studio”, find out about what’s troubling Robb… and explain why Elvis had a stroke. Enjoy!

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