Cake & Cookies: The Robb & Katie Show

ACCIDENTS! In the kitchen! On a bike! With a skateboard! Golfcart accidents, too! Plus, Katie gets discovered… a tiny urn on a ramekin... and the “Weird Bedroom”. Without a doubt, the silliest episode to date; either you’ll enjoy it or never listen again. The choice… is up to you. “Cake and Cookies: Tomorrow’s Sound - Today"

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A RARE Tuesday taping (!) with a very sad Linus, the Best and the Worst Fathers Days, Katie’s Private Zoo and the Thunder Boomers.  So there.

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Singing ‘Shrooms… Federal Law… Ticks… Adult Sippy Cups… Rochester… and the debut of “Gift Shop”.  What What?  What?  What?  Hold on to your tittle, because here we go!  Thanks for stopping by… now, LET'S ROCK!

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This week, Portugal invades Robb’s face, Katie makes some friends, our FB TV preferences and… a missing belt.  Buckle up, folks… it’s showtime!
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