Cake & Cookies: The Robb & Katie Show

It’s the “Back to School” Cake and Cookies Spectacular! Everyone is tired (thanks to dinner clubbing, guest-hostery and Wednesday night drinking). Plus, expensive chickens… gifts… Jibril in the hizzouse… AND A PARTY! All the Jane-iacs are gonna love this episode… now, with extra Baking Soda.

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A super-sized travelogue as Robb and Katie recap the madcap antics of the Spewaks visiting the von Herrmanns.  Plus: Hearses, Taffy, Rainy Bacon, SOTB, GF, Euphemisms and Coaster Olympics… IN THE HOUSE!

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The Barber just doesn’t understand.  Plus, Katie is like a (pissed-off) kid in a candy store, an amazing letter, a backyard cemetery... and we play some jingles, Cousin.  Oh, and remember: "the Tater Tot Casserole knows no season”...

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