Cake & Cookies: The Robb & Katie Show

All aboard for fun! It’s a drinky show with nervous dogs, turntable talk, disappearing rum, kids at camp… and crying Katie. Enjoy!

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A genuinely goofy outing… that somehow gets goofier as it progresses:  Julia doesn’t read the fine print, Robert doesn’t sweat the details, Katie is the “Queen of the Raft Race”… and Robb tells the “Hot BB” story.  Plus, your letters!  Drink up, have fun… and thank you.

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It’s our “All Question” show… but sadly, we don’t answer many questions.  But Dan stops by in character, Katie has a patriotic rave-out, Judd talks about his holiday and we play a few records.  Enjoy, my friends.

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It’s Independence Day fun as Linus has a bad day, Katie watches when she shouldn’t, Dan gets even paler, we remember Pepper… and Robb yells about watermelon. Plus, it’s our grossest show ever, we think. Light fuse and get away… and enjoy!

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