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It’s the first annual “Cake & Cookies” Christmas special!  We open a bottle of wine, the jukebox provides the soundtrack and we talk all things Christmas… some happy, some not… but all genuine.  “YULE” love it!  Thanks for a great year, folks.  Garry Krimble and here’s to a great 2015!

PS:  Dan hates soup.

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Welcome, friends… come in and hear about the miracle of the juice cleanse! Plus, real estate fun, your letters, awkward moments… and you will NOT believe what’s in Katie’s yard. Then, enjoy the heartwarming fun as we take a family tour of the Spewak Christmas tree. It’s a ho-ho-holiday fun-tacular! (By the way, it is NOT Tuesday.)

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Back in the groove with an episode that tends to be everywhere all at one. Katie is overwrought… jukebox discussions… Playboy laser discs… free furniture... and sneezes that you have to hear to believe. Buckle in folks because we’re going on an audio ride! Oh, and “Cool Ranch.”

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DOPPEL SHOWS!  Because of our unexpected hiatus, we wanted to throw you a little extra content this week in the form of our “Thanksgiving Special”.  Please enjoy the longest fruitcake discussion to date… plus your questions and a very nifty Easter egg (even though that’s the wrong holiday).  We love you guys and have a great weekend!

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KATIE IS BACK! We get a full jaw update, Robert III is back on the court, a surprising real estate announcement, chocolate rimming, Cary’s “allergy” and the awkward joke. Happy Thanksgiving, folks… it’s great to be right where we wanna be.

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Just a wee bit of the ol’ Robb and Katie to tide you over until next week… you see, Katie had her jaw surgery this week so she was unable to do a full show.  However, when Robb found out she was heavily medicated, he wasn’t going to miss out on THAT opportunity.  So, enjoy a cloudy-headed Katie, a singing Robb, a Cary cameo… and it all got recorded before Dan took Katie’s phone away (again).  Not an official episode this week… just a friendly bonus. Enjoy… and see you next week!

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We missed you guys last week!  An episode rooted in royalty, as Robb hangs with a king and Katie gets a new throne (pictured).  Also:  a jaw update, traveling with Cary, woodpeckers, poop and pretzels.  HUZZAH!!!

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Quite possibly, our crankiest episode to date.  We discuss car sales, refrigerators, snot, the return of Judy Toolia and Katie makes an announcement.  Plus… will Robb live long enough to spend Christmas with his family… in his own home?  We’ll discuss all of this (and more) if you just take the time to listen… and may God bless. 

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A genuine fun one this week with promo talk, Bond analysis, new bathroom paraphanalia, gift corner and a quick visit from Judd.  Plus, Robb is OLD.  See you soon… and remember, it’s not goodbye… just good night.

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Does length count?  We hope so, because here is a Super-sized C&C for your audio pleasure. Enjoy “Spouses Galore!” as Dan and Cary stop by (Julia has a cameo as well)… plus, LARPing, Grease, Bacon Bowls and the actual sounds of marital discord.  If the awkwardness doesn’t bother you, you’re in for a real treat.  Aloha.

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Katie loves LOVE!  So, please enjoy:  a thrilling recap of the wedding… Katie after 3 beers… The Summer Club (?)… Cary’s lie (and her keys)... and a quick trip to the moonshine station.  Throw in just a taste of kleptomania, and that, my friends, is a show.  Play it LOUD!!!

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It’s Wedding Season! (?)  So, we discuss underthings and spray tans.  Plus, a CPAP Update, Judd swings by, a new game is revealed, a old game is discussed and the BEST HATEFUL THOUGHT EVER.  It’s our longest episode to date (with no extra charge to you).  Such value!

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A Labor Day Special as Robb delves into his personal archives and shares some Jerry Lewis Telethon goodness as only he could (or would). If you miss spending 20+ hours of your Labor Day weekend with The Love Network, you are in for a treat. HEY LAAAAAAAADY! Robb and Katie return next week; see you then.

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Facebook rudeness (it’s gotta stop).  Also, Robb’s Symphony Sunday… Cary checks in via telephone… Katie has herself a day… Judd switches teams (?)… and the bug is IN THE HOUSE!!!  Feel the love.  See you after Labor Day!

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SUPER-SIZED C & C this week… and an episode that will really help you to understand Robb a little better (either that, or give up on him all together).  We talk Presley (the singer), promptness, jingles, desert travel… and how Presley (the beagle) single-paw-edly ruined what could’ve been a wonderful evening.  Plus, your letters (a nice mix of vowels and consonants).  Enjoy responsibly. 

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We reach the quarter-century mark (I guess) as we remember Robin and try to make some good out of some tragedy.  Also: phones, gifts, Psycho, switch plates and we put the “fun” in funeral.  See you next week, boys and girls!

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A little extra something in your comedy stocking as Robb seizes the microphone and interviews author Mike Sacks one-on-one about his newest book and they both explore the serious business of funny.  Comedy nerds rejoice!  Some very cool talk about the people that make us laugh and what makes them tick… enjoy.
BTW:  Here is a link to the Kemp Mill Records commercial we reference in the opening moments… it’s $5.99 and it’s ALL THE TIME!
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It’s the sound in the big town as Katie has the weirdest day EVER, Robb realizes that he has a problem, we discuss a blessed event and answer the most questions in show history.  We hope you enjoy.  Good luck!

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After a slight hiccup in our weekly (weakly?) delivery system, we return with what is quite possibly our lengthiest episode to date.  Enjoy festive talk of Supper Club confusion, Vega$ travel, Robb the Plumber, Beatles analysis, tricking Taco Bell (AND the bartender) and a pair of lovely gifts.  Saddle up and Westward Ho… enjoy!

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A little Cake & Cookies surprise for you… with Katie out of town, this week we dust off and give you our first attempt at Episode #5 back in February.  Sadly, we got too drunk to finish it after only one segment, so we just gave up.  So today, instead of leaving you with nothing… we offer this curio.  Now, we know it is not a real episode, but surely it’s better than nothing, right?  Well, you may wanna listen before you answer.  Just a bit of C & C to stop the shaking and we’ll be back next week.  See you then!

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After a week-long hiatus, your favorite monophonic duo is back in your ears with thrilling tales of peanut butter and icing, the concert that nobody went to, Moxie, withdrawal, Las Vegas and OCD.  Is a a disaster?  We podcast... you decide.  Have a great day, chum.

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ACCIDENTS! In the kitchen! On a bike! With a skateboard! Golfcart accidents, too! Plus, Katie gets discovered… a tiny urn on a ramekin... and the “Weird Bedroom”. Without a doubt, the silliest episode to date; either you’ll enjoy it or never listen again. The choice… is up to you. “Cake and Cookies: Tomorrow’s Sound - Today"

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A RARE Tuesday taping (!) with a very sad Linus, the Best and the Worst Fathers Days, Katie’s Private Zoo and the Thunder Boomers.  So there.

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Singing ‘Shrooms… Federal Law… Ticks… Adult Sippy Cups… Rochester… and the debut of “Gift Shop”.  What What?  What?  What?  Hold on to your tittle, because here we go!  Thanks for stopping by… now, LET'S ROCK!

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This week, Portugal invades Robb’s face, Katie makes some friends, our FB TV preferences and… a missing belt.  Buckle up, folks… it’s showtime!
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Big fun on the big show with elements of marital discord, lack of sleep, Katie spinning out, foot trouble and rodents.  All this, and so much more… with a fried egg on top.  DON’T TOUCH THAT DIAL!

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It is the fabulous debut of our brand new “3 Segment Format” (which delivers twice the laughs in half the time).  Join us for some passive aggression, headgear, plenty of reverb… and the winner of the Linus contest!  Plus, Katie remembers the hamburger.  Step off, bitch… and enjoy!
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Guess who bought an automobile?  The answer lies within!  Also:  Mothers Day, Julia’s 5K, D.M.Vermin and EVERYBODY gets certified.  Listen real hard and maybe you’ll end up on Wikipedia.  Until next week…

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Pardon, me… do you have any fresh mint?  Derby Day C & C!  Plus: The Weavers, our fan page, financial obscenity, delicious baked goods and the longest chat with Judd thus far.  Throw in some genuine tears and you got yourself Episode 14.  That said, Robb & Katie never had a lick of sense... pass the biscuits please.

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This episode is so oversized, it will probably get sleep apnea. Check out a bold medical experiment, a pitiful Robb, a (still) klutzy Katie and your letters.  PLUS A CONTEST!!! Listen and win. Thanks, cousins!

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This week features Crispy Katie and Happy Robb.  Pull up a chair and enjoy 80+ minutes of hot topics like radio jingles, breathing troubles, inter-galactic gifts and Robb’s fascinating liquor cabinet.  Plus, we reveal the word that Katie will NOT say.  Dig on the dozen, cousin… and thanks for listening!

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This week, we take a look behind the scenes of Robb’s sleep study.  Plus, a bad week for the dogs, Robb’s memory fails him in the worst way, Katie gets drunk with Led Zeppelin (kinda) and Dan catches a nap. Big fun!  Big Thrills! (Big Deal) Thanks for stopping by.

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80+ minutes of delightful time filler!  Join Robb and Katie for the champagne apology, neighborhood awkwardness, tales of inebriation, ticket scarcity, disorderly sleep and falling down… twice.  Oh, and rabbits in literature.  Set a spell... and enjoy.

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Our longest episode to date!  Please enjoy this super-sized C & C presentation as both Robb and Katie (but mostly Katie) hit the grape pretty hard and discuss GREASE, The Supper Club, sleep disorders, needy in-laws, Wayne Newton, embarrassment and the mathematical theory behind the M&M game.  Oh yes, and biting.  Face it… there ARE worse ways to spend 87 minutes.  See you next week!

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Enjoy our pre-show jitters as we prepare for a night at the theater… plus, Robb and Robert aren't talking, Katie’s leftovers, plaid jackets and (finally) the box of porn.  Enjoy!

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It’s a 72 minute Odyssey of the (feeble) Mind with a cranky Robb, a once-bitten (but not shy) Katie… Enjoy one-way doors, mental fist pumps, a grand Elvis gesture and a malfunctioning car.  All of this and so much more on this week’s "Cake & Cookies".

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The C & C Podcast Factory is at it again with a Katie bombshell (shocking!), dinner discussion, stinky soap, the left side of the bed, bad (BAD!) music and the horror of an abandoned amusement park. This episode is more than pleasant… it’s agreeable!

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79 minutes of pure fun as the C & C Podcast Factory talks about pills, glass eyes and the bag of liquor.  Plus: Julia stops by, Wayde checks in and we get the low-down on Katie’s shark… uh, I mean jaw. Enjoy!

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Another delightful beer-fueled romp with fighting kids, a significant departure, some odd traits from Linus, Honor Roll fun and the reminder:  “Leaves of three… let them be.”

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Episode three has wet pants, drunk dialing dogs, social networking confusion, JB Fletcher and talk of "The Supper Club".  It’s what you need.  Please… enjoy!

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Spouses Dan and Cary stop by this week as Robb & Katie discuss dogs in bed, dogs and doors, bathroom redecoration, fat jokes, bow-ties and… a bold medical experiment.

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The debut of Cake & Cookies… because EVERYBODY gets a podcast!  This week: we get to know Katie, get a tour of the “studio”, find out about what’s troubling Robb… and explain why Elvis had a stroke. Enjoy!

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