Cake & Cookies: The Robb & Katie Show

It’s time to visit the Pauzenkoffs!  Plus: an Unsettled House, Square Eyes, St. Pats in Savannah, a Possible Doggie Visit… and a Stroll through the Vodka Aisle. Enjoy, and wait 20 minutes before swimming.

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Perhaps our goofiest episode ever… Robb’s birthday that never was, a story of very-delayed mathematics, a Dan health update, the cooler in the car… and a new character is born.  Plus, more cussing than usual.  Hop aboard the Cake & Cookie Train for a ride that you won’t soon forget.

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Katie is hanging on by a thread as she struggles to nurse Dan back to health… Along the way, we have a drive-by snooting, hummingbirds and skeleton keys, WJFK memories, the mythic lore of a man called John Popp… and the Jellybean in the Hoodie Incident.  Enjoy… and then, enjoy again.

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