Cake & Cookies: The Robb & Katie Show

Katie is so vain that she probably thinks this show is about her.  Plus, Dan tells thrilling stories, haircuts, Robb raps, Robb sings, Katie versus the Hamiltons… and all the Georgia Songs you’ll ever need.

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This is C and C Sunday Morning:  With grocery store nerd-dom… Lists… Marvin… And the greatest dog derailment ever.  Werkenschtöph.

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This episode features Two great cameo walk-ons, Extra Dan, Some Love for Mrs. Madison, Ice Cream News… and an Amazing tale of Katie’s Face that will fascinate you.  Happy Labor Day!  I miss Jerry.

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We’re back again. Katie pretends to be a rock star, Robb pretends to be Judy Garland, Dan sits in, and we answer a LOT of your questions. Thank ye!

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We know, it’s been forever… and we might be out of practice (might?!)… but here we are, right back in your ears.  Betsy has a new habit, Judd is embarrassed, Robb (and Dude) seek revenge, Luna stays put… and  Katie makes a big announcement.  I like it?  I hope so.  Enjoy, and be safe.

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Leap Year Fun! C&C back again after a brief hiatus. A big jaw update... pants were lost... haunted pajamas and (of course) your letters. Great to to back!

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