Cake & Cookies: The Robb & Katie Show

Big fun on the big show with elements of marital discord, lack of sleep, Katie spinning out, foot trouble and rodents.  All this, and so much more… with a fried egg on top.  DON’T TOUCH THAT DIAL!

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It is the fabulous debut of our brand new “3 Segment Format” (which delivers twice the laughs in half the time).  Join us for some passive aggression, headgear, plenty of reverb… and the winner of the Linus contest!  Plus, Katie remembers the hamburger.  Step off, bitch… and enjoy!
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Guess who bought an automobile?  The answer lies within!  Also:  Mothers Day, Julia’s 5K, D.M.Vermin and EVERYBODY gets certified.  Listen real hard and maybe you’ll end up on Wikipedia.  Until next week…

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Pardon, me… do you have any fresh mint?  Derby Day C & C!  Plus: The Weavers, our fan page, financial obscenity, delicious baked goods and the longest chat with Judd thus far.  Throw in some genuine tears and you got yourself Episode 14.  That said, Robb & Katie never had a lick of sense... pass the biscuits please.

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