Cake & Cookies: The Robb & Katie Show (general)

It’s a Labor Day miracle!  New Robb and Katie (plus Charlie and Daniel) with diverse topicality and quite a bit of music.  Topics include:  Katie’s changing, Robb’s world is shrinking, the inter-office dynamic of your charming hosts… and a race to beat the clock, um, I mean iPads.  Enjoy.

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Katie is so vain that she probably thinks this show is about her.  Plus, Dan tells thrilling stories, haircuts, Robb raps, Robb sings, Katie versus the Hamiltons… and all the Georgia Songs you’ll ever need.

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This is C and C Sunday Morning:  With grocery store nerd-dom… Lists… Marvin… And the greatest dog derailment ever.  Werkenschtöph.

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This episode features Two great cameo walk-ons, Extra Dan, Some Love for Mrs. Madison, Ice Cream News… and an Amazing tale of Katie’s Face that will fascinate you.  Happy Labor Day!  I miss Jerry.

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We’re back again. Katie pretends to be a rock star, Robb pretends to be Judy Garland, Dan sits in, and we answer a LOT of your questions. Thank ye!

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We know, it’s been forever… and we might be out of practice (might?!)… but here we are, right back in your ears.  Betsy has a new habit, Judd is embarrassed, Robb (and Dude) seek revenge, Luna stays put… and  Katie makes a big announcement.  I like it?  I hope so.  Enjoy, and be safe.

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Leap Year Fun! C&C back again after a brief hiatus. A big jaw update... pants were lost... haunted pajamas and (of course) your letters. Great to to back!

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I hope you’re thirsty… on this episode, we break down some tasty Savannah beverages.  Plus: Stupid dog owners, your questions, and Dan’s pepperminty past.  Play it loud… it makes it funnier.

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Yes, we are back (!) with a super-sized show that smells like drinking... hoo boy!  This episode:  Katie is the MVP… We talk retirement… Birthday travel… Gin… Cameos… Playing it “cool”… and an unboxing video (?) for Elvis Death Day that will fascinate you.  Enjoy, please.

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We’re back with a rare Mothers Day appearance that features vehicular thrills, matrimonial bliss, drunken deposits… and mysterious socks.  Have fun and enjoy!

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Yes, we are back. Amazingly... Robb is alive, Dan has his best show ever, Betsy makes the scene… and the BEST.  PRANK. EVER. Buckle Up, Buttercup and play it loud. It just might be funny.

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Look Who’s Back!  It’s us… YAY US!  It’s either our best episode or our worst (maybe both)… Skype sucks, you see.  In any case, here’s a heaping helping of the good ol’ C and C… for you.  We talk Facial Hair, Beans, Paul, Cartoons… and Robb’s Conception.  Drive right in and play it LOUD.

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Back, after an ever-so brief hiatus. The stories flow like booze (and vice versa) as the C and C Podcast Factory returns to your hungry ears. We explain our absence, talk Vega$, and get into some crazy turkey-related minutiae. Enjoy! See you in 5 months. KIDDING… Hello, Listeners!

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This week? Part two of Robb’s Showbiz “CRASHING” recap. Plus: a live, on-air injury… Robert III stops by… the world’s most bizarre shopping spree… and we head on over to a party. Super-sized fun for everyone!

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C & C returns to your ears with talk of Garfield, Pluralized Pants, Doggie Discipline… and Robb’s big-time showbiz trip to NYC (part 1).  Enjoy!

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Linus needs to go out… and a weird Spewak habit?  Plus, Day-Drinking, Food Thieves, Robert Wagner… and “A Tale of Two Kitties”. 

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Summertime, and the living is easy.  Comcast issues… Dog crowding… Grandma camp… “The Jester”… The Aunt Bet story… Robb buys a watermelon… and Unicorns:  Why buy, when you can rent?

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We celebrate our “Century Episode’ (actually we don’t) with, quite possibly, our goofiest outing ever.  Dan stops by multiple times, we discuss how we cuss, Robb divulges his radio past, genders are assigned… and we prove once and for all, Robb and Katie share one brain.  Crap!

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Back again with these HOT late-breaking news items: Katie is selfish! Big Strawberries! Dan and the Girl he left behind! Plus, your questions and no cigarette hangover. LA LA LA. Enjoy.

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A very silly episode that features a tale of three refrigerators… a surprise cameo from a beloved family member… the DOORS story… and horn synchronization issues. Enjoy, and have a great Memorial Day.

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Guess who’s back? Remember us? The C & C Podcast Factory returns (because Katie’s Doctor said we could). Today, we get a full Katie Jaw update, discuss social media preferences, Messy Dogs, and Christmas Creepiness. Plus, your questions! Does Robb sing? Maybe… and it’s great to be back.

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It’s almost JAW TIME! Plus… Robb has to come to terms with an age-related crisis, Katie’s floppy haircut… and salt water has a really… unexpected? ...effect on some people.

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Two Words: Muscle Relaxer. But Wait… There’s More: Robb’s Weird Road Trip, Bells, Horns, Accents, The New C & C C C, and Bedroom Ground Rules. Enjoy…?

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We are back for the New Year with an analysis of the Savannah “Blizzard”, Horn Talk, Vicious Birds, Swim Trunks, Katie’s Jaw and Sexy Vacation Fun. See you at The Expo Center!

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A little Thanksgiving snack for all you C & C Enthusiasts to enjoy over the long weekend… wherever you may be.  Take this episode over the river and through the woods and dig on some classic Thanksgiving stories, Muppet analysis, opinions, special doors... and a plea for joy.  We love you guys… have a wonderful holiday.

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Back in your ears once again… The C & C Podcast Factory talks about Marital Pranks, Licorice Hats, Angry Clowns, Acrophobia… and the Best-mannered Dogs in the South. Plus, Parenting by Text. Fun and Educational.

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Back after a short hiatus with a one-hour-plus batch of Cake & Cookies (“It’s Good for What Ails Ya!”). Lots of free association’ nonsense… plus, Katie’s Circus, The Landscapers, Bathroom Danger, Kiddie Bingo, Duckpins… and rare bit of sincerity. Enjoy, thank you so much.

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All animals LOVED the evacuation (except one)… Plus: Electricity, Hard Seltzer, A Nasty Fall… and One Bleeped Word. Enjoy.

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Back with some Labor Day fun as Julia has a car complaint, Dan has his senses deprived, Vaseline takes its toll, Katie witnesses crime… and the best HBO show EVER.

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Back into the swing of things with a Presley health update, Colonel Dan, DVR details, Roombas, Ribbs…. and the damnedest bananas EVER. Enjoy...

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All aboard for fun! It’s a drinky show with nervous dogs, turntable talk, disappearing rum, kids at camp… and crying Katie. Enjoy!

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A genuinely goofy outing… that somehow gets goofier as it progresses:  Julia doesn’t read the fine print, Robert doesn’t sweat the details, Katie is the “Queen of the Raft Race”… and Robb tells the “Hot BB” story.  Plus, your letters!  Drink up, have fun… and thank you.

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It’s our “All Question” show… but sadly, we don’t answer many questions.  But Dan stops by in character, Katie has a patriotic rave-out, Judd talks about his holiday and we play a few records.  Enjoy, my friends.

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It’s Independence Day fun as Linus has a bad day, Katie watches when she shouldn’t, Dan gets even paler, we remember Pepper… and Robb yells about watermelon. Plus, it’s our grossest show ever, we think. Light fuse and get away… and enjoy!

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Presley is LAZY! Plus, Katie takes a road trip… Mayonnaise and Pizza arguments… Fancy Living’… and we introduce you to a new band that you are gonna love. Dig in… the crab cake is delicious!

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A Big Double-Stuft Episode for Father’s Day Weekend that features Toothless Dogs, Jacko's Father-in-Law, Bad Gifts for Dad, a Surgery Update, Bad Ties, The Brady Bunch… and The Longest Edward G. Robinson story EVER.

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Back Again, Baby… with a Weaverman Update, Mad Dan, Outhouse Trouble, Defensive Body Language, A Sweet Sixteen, Social Drinking… and Linus get a little “handsy” (Pawsy?). ENJOY!

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Back after a brief hiatus with our longest episode EVER.  Tune in for “Fragile Robb”, “Lonely Katie”, “Shirtless Dan” (and “Hal”), the “Spewaks minus one” in Savannah… Plus, a brand new record that's 50+ years old and your marvelous questions.  See you soon!

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It’s time to visit the Pauzenkoffs!  Plus: an Unsettled House, Square Eyes, St. Pats in Savannah, a Possible Doggie Visit… and a Stroll through the Vodka Aisle. Enjoy, and wait 20 minutes before swimming.

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Perhaps our goofiest episode ever… Robb’s birthday that never was, a story of very-delayed mathematics, a Dan health update, the cooler in the car… and a new character is born.  Plus, more cussing than usual.  Hop aboard the Cake & Cookie Train for a ride that you won’t soon forget.

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Katie is hanging on by a thread as she struggles to nurse Dan back to health… Along the way, we have a drive-by snooting, hummingbirds and skeleton keys, WJFK memories, the mythic lore of a man called John Popp… and the Jellybean in the Hoodie Incident.  Enjoy… and then, enjoy again.

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Katie cheats death!  Dan has a cold!  Robert III is building a car (LIVE!  In Studio!)!  Garfield loves Lasagna!  We rank our cars!   And… it’s talent show season.  Enjoy, friends.

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A Special Cake and Cookies in-studio presentation: Katie returns to the Robbradio World Broadcast HQ for an exclusive recap of her trip (with Robb’s daughter Julia) to the Women's March on Washington. It’s like being there... without having to find a parking spot. Enjoy a first-hand recap of history. And we thank you.

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C & C... back again!  This time with thieving dogs, tales of embarrassment. Robb in a tie (!), Dan vs. dog, extra jingles and the zoo contest.  Listen if you like… ain’t nobody stopping you.

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A Super-Sized C & C for your new year with plenty of goodies:  The Guest Room, The Guest Dog, The Guest Jibril, Blood (!), Your Questions… and so much more.  Enjoy and Here’s to a Great 2017!

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Deck the halls and spread the holiday cheer with this special Christmas Eve edition of Robb Radio

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A Yuletide-flavored episode of the C & C Podcast Factory… Super-sized with talk of odd names, a curious jingle pairing, your questions, Robb (solo) at a play, a dead bunny, Kai’s pants… and TOO MUCH PIE. Enjoy!

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Despite the Universe ganging up on us, here we are, back with another C and C for Ye.  Hear about Robb battling disorder and malfunctions… Katie fights Mother Nature and has surgery… and a delightful food-centric edition of “Getting to Know You.”  Listen up... and we hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving as you travel over the woods and through the river,  or something like that.

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The Squire stops by! Plus... a rebirth of baseball fun, Oscar on the bandwagon, Halloween fun, the live show, and Oscar kind of gives a gift.

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Say “Hello” to Autumn (or as Katie calls it, “Fall”) with a brand new C & C Podcast Factory.  Julia swings by on her way to HOCO, the problems with small-talk at a coffee house, the “Fantasy Island” flower, Dogs in the shower, Cary vs. the "Cadillac of Vacuums”… and, of course, your questions.  Please enjoy (it’s the least you can do).

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Wide Open Wednesday means your calls! Plus... a new DJ... Mike Vs. Pat Sajak... Carla the single parent... and Tetris garage. 

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We’re baaa-aack! It’s been a while, but The C & C Podcast Factory has returned with a big, fat episode that has too many dogs, Robb losing it in front of his first-born, a killer grill, a pale guy named Jerry, Sir Paul… and a decided lack of hate.  Feels great to be back… ENJOY!

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We have returned with a doppel-segmented show that features international gifts, deaf dogs, postcard skills, nerdy Robb, a melon rave-out, Dan’s texts… and the return of the mouth guard. Sit back, relax and leave the driving to us. Oh, and the wine is in the bush (?).

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Katie gets a new jaw thing!  Linus gets very excited!  A trip to the beach!  The reason that #1 pencils are number one! Plus, we "doppel up" on something that just may surprise you.  BTW… shhhh!  Robb is sleeping.

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Yes, we are still alive and WE ARE BACK!  Join us, Robb and Katie, for a super-sized episode of fun with Painting, Wire, Pups, Cranky Robb, Home Repairs, Miss Diana Ross, A Bitch on Wheels… and we just might stop by The Party.  Your hearts are on fire… for Robb and Katie!

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You'll never believe where Oscar volunteered in highs school! Plus, eulogies... tension... insurance... fat Robb... and Jimmy & the sign.

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This Episode celebrates a life well lived… a crisis of age… a tale of two doggies… a prank that you have to hear to believe… Rhubarb and the Hummels… and Myron Floren (1919-2005).  Now then, where are my spats?

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Katie has an amazing tale to tell about her shhhhhhhhhh… ituation.  Meanwhile, Robb is getting ready for the talent show, the dogs are stressed, the liquor tastes like maple and who is that in the car?  All of this and so much more, so please… press play.

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Guess who’s back?  It’s us!  The first C & C of ’16 talks about Foggy Drinks, Sandy Kids, Katie’s Soul Mate, Rice in the Nose, a 45 Second Fall, and (amazingly) Eleanor Powell.  The Spewaks love to vacation with the von Herrmanns.  Check it out… or STEP OFF!


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Hey, it’s been a while… remember us?  Yes, Robb and Katie are back with talk of Crazy Dogs, Independent Dogs, Medical Recaps, Christmas Specials… and Naked Katie.  Please Enjoy!

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Getting inside the head of Mac the intern... plus: bacon hatred, Thanksgiving recaps, Oscar VS. the law, Robb's cure for his back and a bonus Oscarazzi.

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Some belated Hallowe’en fun for all you boys and ghouls… with Work-wives… Doppel MaliBOO tales… Doggie Discipline… Toilet Talk… and Tricks and/or Treats.
I said “Doctor!”… Enjoy the sho
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The C & C Podcast Factory returns with Hallowe’en talk… white trash… Birds… Ears… Butts on Fire… and “Stars on 45”.  Don’t forget your hot pink spray paint.  Enjoy!

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Robb is TIRED.  Plus: Fall TV, The Pope is in town, teeth-talk… and lizards are thrown.  It takes a lot to get them right… when you’re learning the Facts of Life.  Enjoy!

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The Skype is nearly as bad as a migraine or being without water… but the show soldiers on with tales of pink eye, squatting, lizards, rats, Darlene, guns... and the crispiest bacon EVER.  Please enjoy!  Thank you… so much.

Direct download: CAKEANDCOOKIES20150914.mp3
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Robb is sad…No Telethon.  Robb is happy:  New Jingles!  Katie vs. the lamp, the ladder, and the picture.  Plus, High School embarrassment, giraffes, dogs, crab cakes… and will Robb sleep in his tuxedo?  All of this and more… so listen.  And listen LOUD.

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It’s the “Back to School” Cake and Cookies Spectacular! Everyone is tired (thanks to dinner clubbing, guest-hostery and Wednesday night drinking). Plus, expensive chickens… gifts… Jibril in the hizzouse… AND A PARTY! All the Jane-iacs are gonna love this episode… now, with extra Baking Soda.

Direct download: CAKEANDCOOKIES20150828.mp3
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A super-sized travelogue as Robb and Katie recap the madcap antics of the Spewaks visiting the von Herrmanns.  Plus: Hearses, Taffy, Rainy Bacon, SOTB, GF, Euphemisms and Coaster Olympics… IN THE HOUSE!

Direct download: CAKEANDCOOKIES20150820.mp3
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The Barber just doesn’t understand.  Plus, Katie is like a (pissed-off) kid in a candy store, an amazing letter, a backyard cemetery... and we play some jingles, Cousin.  Oh, and remember: "the Tater Tot Casserole knows no season”...

Direct download: CAKEANDCOOKIES20150802.mp3
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HATS! HATS! HATS! Plus, Katie is jealous, Robb vs his family/Caramel/Amazon, the story of ZANY, young Kurt Russell, and Countess Chocula. You’ll like it better than the marshmallows.

(NOTE: In this episode, Robb mistakenly refers to "Medfield College” as "Midvale College”. Management regrets the error.)

Direct download: CAKECOOKIES20150726.mp3
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Back on your internet with a moment of remembrance, toilets and refrigerators, mystery styrofoam, wasps, ailments and hangovers.  Hoo hah… such much!  Enjoy... thank you so much.

Direct download: CAKEANDCOOKIES20150718.mp3
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It’s Robb vs. the Chair, Katie vs. the Popsicles, a brand new mic and the crises continue.  So, grab your crochet hook and listen up… before your cherry Ativan melts.

Direct download: CAKEANDCOOKIES20150624.mp3
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A totally gear episode for all of our fab listeners.  This week, Robb and Katie count down (and discuss) their all-time, Top 10 Beatles records… and Katie cheats.  Plus:  Weighing Wine, Silent Thunder, The Jaw, The House, The Pickers and Mockolate.  Don’t forget:  GET CHEESE!

Direct download: CAKEANDCOOKIES20150617.mp3
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Tony Dow is ALIVE!  Plus: Bunnies… Skype… Steve… Scooby… Stereophonic Effects (in mono)… The Return of Julia the Killer… Visiting the DMV… and Robb Sings.  Thank you for making it really worthwhile.

Direct download: CAKEANDCOOKIES20150610.mp3
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Katie is on pain pills, so let the fun begin.  This week: a LANCELOT LINK rebuttal, a Pupdate, Julia’s assembly line, Robb’s crisis, music where you least expect it, drinking spots… and we might even go to the party.  Let’s begin, shall we?

Direct download: CAKEANDCOOKIES20150602.mp3
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A true call-back to the early episodes of the C & C Podcast factory as we drink a LOT of wine, Cary and Dan stop by and we touch on the following topics: Echo, Voices, A Friend for III, Hot Dogs, Falling Dogs, Snooting Dogs, Catching Dogs, Hot Neighbors, Communication, Coffee, Friends, Haircuts, Vanity, Hee Haw, Bent Mirrors, Brad… and Lancelot Link. Thanks in advance if you make it through the whole show.

Direct download: CACKEANDCOOKIES20150521.mp3
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With the exit of the Pneumonia… Enter Robb and Katie!  Enjoy the bi-state fun of douchery, secret tunnels, Robert, Judd and the significance of the Drive-in.  Plus, the “Best Music” scandal.  FACE!

Direct download: CAKEANDCOOKIES20150507.mp3
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Here’s a full-sized episode, folks… join Robb and Katie as they go WAY DEEP inside the Stevie Wonder concert that they attended.  Stand by for in-depth analysis and a few musical gems.  Plus: Porky Pig, Dan’s beliefs, a sweet letter, Sleeping Beauty, Julia in studio and just a dash of Dees.  Dig on the musical nerdiness and have a great week!

Direct download: CAKEANDCOOKIES20150413.mp3
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Hello, friends… and a special hello to Lizz Cardoza. Katie’s new Savannah audio rig is up and cookin’… so we talk a moment to talk about her new studio setting, mystery beers, shaking dogs, Dan’s drunken stroll and a story from a trip to Target that you have to hear to believe. Cake & Cookies is on the air and all is right with the world. See you next week!

Direct download: CAKEANDCOOKIES20150403.mp3
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Back, with our first Springtime show.  Katie gets a present, empties her purse for your pleasure, Judd on the high seas, the mysterious (and daunting!) letter, Robb actually does something and EVERYBODY stops by the show.  Glad you stopped by, too.  Enjoy... and talk to you soon.

Direct download: CAKEANDCOOKIES20150321.mp3
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Another bold Skype experiment (sorry!), but the show is content rich!  Katie from outer-space, Judd writes a love-letter, the best palm trees, pharmacy troubles, your questions… and college stories that Robb has never told that will leave you in disbelief.  Ignore the fidelity and have a blast!  Kisses!

Direct download: CAKEANDCOOKIES20150310.mp3
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Katie is on location in Georgia… but we STILL have a show for you (even if it IS on Skype!).  We have mystery noises, annoying Robb, Katie under a blanket…also: squirts, flirts and dog alerts.  Back next week with our regular fidelity… until then, watch out for the ghost!

Direct download: CAKEANDCOOKIES20150213.mp3
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It’s time to hit the road with Robb and Katie!  We’ve got singing dogs, panicked dogs, falling dogs, traveling humans and smoke detectors that detect non-smoke.  Please enjoy and don’t get stuck.  For goodness sake… do the hippy-hippy-shake.

Direct download: CAKEANDCOOKIES20150205.mp3
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The Cake and the Cookie are back for 2015!  Today, a remote from a different studio with such hard-hitting topicality as packs of sissy dogs, binge TV viewing, bathrooms, traveling, surfboards and your questions… and Pony is in studio, too.  Get ready for FUN!

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It’s the first annual “Cake & Cookies” Christmas special!  We open a bottle of wine, the jukebox provides the soundtrack and we talk all things Christmas… some happy, some not… but all genuine.  “YULE” love it!  Thanks for a great year, folks.  Garry Krimble and here’s to a great 2015!

PS:  Dan hates soup.

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Welcome, friends… come in and hear about the miracle of the juice cleanse! Plus, real estate fun, your letters, awkward moments… and you will NOT believe what’s in Katie’s yard. Then, enjoy the heartwarming fun as we take a family tour of the Spewak Christmas tree. It’s a ho-ho-holiday fun-tacular! (By the way, it is NOT Tuesday.)

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Back in the groove with an episode that tends to be everywhere all at one. Katie is overwrought… jukebox discussions… Playboy laser discs… free furniture... and sneezes that you have to hear to believe. Buckle in folks because we’re going on an audio ride! Oh, and “Cool Ranch.”

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DOPPEL SHOWS!  Because of our unexpected hiatus, we wanted to throw you a little extra content this week in the form of our “Thanksgiving Special”.  Please enjoy the longest fruitcake discussion to date… plus your questions and a very nifty Easter egg (even though that’s the wrong holiday).  We love you guys and have a great weekend!

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KATIE IS BACK! We get a full jaw update, Robert III is back on the court, a surprising real estate announcement, chocolate rimming, Cary’s “allergy” and the awkward joke. Happy Thanksgiving, folks… it’s great to be right where we wanna be.

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Just a wee bit of the ol’ Robb and Katie to tide you over until next week… you see, Katie had her jaw surgery this week so she was unable to do a full show.  However, when Robb found out she was heavily medicated, he wasn’t going to miss out on THAT opportunity.  So, enjoy a cloudy-headed Katie, a singing Robb, a Cary cameo… and it all got recorded before Dan took Katie’s phone away (again).  Not an official episode this week… just a friendly bonus. Enjoy… and see you next week!

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We missed you guys last week!  An episode rooted in royalty, as Robb hangs with a king and Katie gets a new throne (pictured).  Also:  a jaw update, traveling with Cary, woodpeckers, poop and pretzels.  HUZZAH!!!

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Quite possibly, our crankiest episode to date.  We discuss car sales, refrigerators, snot, the return of Judy Toolia and Katie makes an announcement.  Plus… will Robb live long enough to spend Christmas with his family… in his own home?  We’ll discuss all of this (and more) if you just take the time to listen… and may God bless. 

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A genuine fun one this week with promo talk, Bond analysis, new bathroom paraphanalia, gift corner and a quick visit from Judd.  Plus, Robb is OLD.  See you soon… and remember, it’s not goodbye… just good night.

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Does length count?  We hope so, because here is a Super-sized C&C for your audio pleasure. Enjoy “Spouses Galore!” as Dan and Cary stop by (Julia has a cameo as well)… plus, LARPing, Grease, Bacon Bowls and the actual sounds of marital discord.  If the awkwardness doesn’t bother you, you’re in for a real treat.  Aloha.

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Katie loves LOVE!  So, please enjoy:  a thrilling recap of the wedding… Katie after 3 beers… The Summer Club (?)… Cary’s lie (and her keys)... and a quick trip to the moonshine station.  Throw in just a taste of kleptomania, and that, my friends, is a show.  Play it LOUD!!!

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It’s Wedding Season! (?)  So, we discuss underthings and spray tans.  Plus, a CPAP Update, Judd swings by, a new game is revealed, a old game is discussed and the BEST HATEFUL THOUGHT EVER.  It’s our longest episode to date (with no extra charge to you).  Such value!

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A Labor Day Special as Robb delves into his personal archives and shares some Jerry Lewis Telethon goodness as only he could (or would). If you miss spending 20+ hours of your Labor Day weekend with The Love Network, you are in for a treat. HEY LAAAAAAAADY! Robb and Katie return next week; see you then.

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Facebook rudeness (it’s gotta stop).  Also, Robb’s Symphony Sunday… Cary checks in via telephone… Katie has herself a day… Judd switches teams (?)… and the bug is IN THE HOUSE!!!  Feel the love.  See you after Labor Day!

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SUPER-SIZED C & C this week… and an episode that will really help you to understand Robb a little better (either that, or give up on him all together).  We talk Presley (the singer), promptness, jingles, desert travel… and how Presley (the beagle) single-paw-edly ruined what could’ve been a wonderful evening.  Plus, your letters (a nice mix of vowels and consonants).  Enjoy responsibly. 

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We reach the quarter-century mark (I guess) as we remember Robin and try to make some good out of some tragedy.  Also: phones, gifts, Psycho, switch plates and we put the “fun” in funeral.  See you next week, boys and girls!

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